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Merry Christmas To You!!


先日行ったDisney SeaのCandle Reflectionsのフィナーレを

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Happy Merry Christmasですvv
Hope u have a BRILLIANT Christmas!
I'll greet u again when 2008 comes:)
2007/12/25 Tue| URL | Sheelagh [ edit ]
Thank you;-)
Oh...my christmas was not good:-(
I worked very hard...*sigh*Moreover,
there was an accident and it made me crazy!!*grrr*But this Friday,we'll have 納会 and will eat 特上寿司v-10

Are you going on holiday?
2007/12/25 Tue| URL | ako [ edit ]
yes:) I'm on hols now!
What accident did u come across?! Are you ok??
My Christmas wasn't good,either...
I lost my mobile phonev-12

特上寿司 sounds delicious......can i have some??
2007/12/25 Tue| URL | Sheelagh [ edit ]
A simple question...
Why we're talking in English?*lol*

Anyways,the accident happend during the work...
so don't worry:-) I'm doing Okay!!

Losing mobile phone is horrible!!I know it!as I lost mine when I was in Germany...Have you got new?

No prb!!特上寿司will be paid as 親睦代。。。

2007/12/26 Wed| URL | ako [ edit ]
ah i haven't got a clue why we're talking in English!!!

U lost ur mobile phone in Germany?!That's really mad!did u find it??

i found mine!It was on the trainhttp://blog42.fc2.com/image/icon/e/172.gif" alt="" width="14" height="15" class="emoji">I had to pick it up from 忘れ物センターhttp://blog42.fc2.com/image/icon/e/287.gif" alt="" width="14" height="15" class="emoji">
2007/12/27 Thu| URL | Sheelagh [ edit ]
The best thing in Japan...
U found it!!It was really lucky:-)

Well...mine is still missing and there's no hope.
According to the policeman,Japanese mobile is sold with high price in foreign countries...so maybe someone sell it:-( my mobile...*lol*

One of the best thing in Japan is that everyone is so kind that they turn it to 忘れ物センター♪That's helpful:-)
2007/12/27 Thu| URL | ako [ edit ]
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